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Drain Lining – Speak to us for all your pipe lining needs!

Moling Services South East Ltd specialise in all types of drain lining (and relining). This type of no-dig technology is suitable for lining sewers, culverts, tunnels, gas pipes, drain pipes and more. It can even be used to seal manholes, tanks and chambers.

How exactly does it work?. Drain lining is a proven method of placing a new pipe within a damaged pipe, without excavation and with minimal disruption.

In pipe relining, a tube of material (such as a unique kind of felt) is made into a required length and diameter for the pipe. Then this liner is coated with resin and installed inside the pipe using water pressure. In effect creating a `pipe within a pipe`.

The new pipe is moulded into damaged pipe by an ingenious method called inversion. Which with the use of water or air pressure, fits it tightly against the wall of the existing pipe. The resin cures or hardens via hot water or UV lighting, creating a strong inner pipe to support the damaged outer one.

When the inversion is completed the new pipe (which is originally flexible) is now rigid, resulting in a strong, tough pipe, tightly fitted within the existing pipe with only a minimum loss of cross section (approximately 6%).

This rigidity helps to keep the pipe secure, restoring the integrity of the pipe. Whilst allowing the sewer or drain to carry out functioning efficiently. If only small areas of the pipe are damaged, then patching can be used instead of relining.

Why should you reline your pipes?. If your drains, for example, is damaged, relining the pipes is quick to achieve. It won’t cost you the earth, and due to it being a trenchless solution, it causes minimal disruption.

It also doesn’t matter the size of the pipes. Relining can be carried out on pipes from 100mm in diameter up to 1.5 metres (such as culverts).

By repairing your pipes, you could end up saving a lot of money. Especially if you have many that need relining. By going down this route, you can avoid having to pay for expensive excavation works. Which could disrupt your business and cost you even more money in terms of time lost.

The drain relining will depend on logistics, so feel free to contact us regarding your exact requirements.

All drain lining is available with a 10 year insurance company guarantee.


Before Drain Lining


After Drain Lining

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