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Patio & Driveway Cleaning – Contact Us For All Your Cleaning Needs!

Paved and concrete surfaces soon become overgrown, unsightly, and maybe even slippery, making them dangerous to walk on.

Moling Services South East Ltd offer high-pressure cleaning services. For both residential properties and business premises in and around Kent. Make your outdoor areas clean, tidy, and look like new.

Equally important, our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services will remove any dangerous hazards. Whilst levelling out uneven paths and driveways.

In due time to the build-up of dirt and other substances. Eventually leaves your guests or business clients with nothing to worry about. While they enter your property.

Our cleaning solutions are quick to carry out, affordable, and efficient in getting rid of stains and unwanted substances.


We can offer you driveway cleaning services using our high pressure water jetting. 

Which is eco-friendly chemicals or detergents that can end up in the soil. As a result, causing problems for your outdoor areas. Luckily we don’t use these products.

Here at Moling Services South East Ltd. We realise the importance of being environmentally friendly. This is why all of our cleaning services reflect this viewpoint.

No matter what you need external cleaning services for, we can help. Whether it be gutters, roofs, patios, conservatories, pathways, drives, walls or decking.

We can remove dirt, grime, algae, moss, and other nuisance substances and items. All without resorting to harsh chemicals.

We also specialise in graffiti cleaning – just take a look at our Graffiti Removal Services page for more information.

The right patio & driveway cleaning equipment 

We use all of the latest equipment. We guarantee that our work will cause minimal disruption for you, your clients, and your surroundings.

We take particular care not to damage any lawns, ornaments, or other items that will be near the cleaning area.

For example, outdoor furniture is part of our patio cleaning services. As we don’t use any toxic chemicals or detergents. Your grass and foliage will remain undamaged as well.

Whether we’re working on your drive, path, patio, or any other area. Our high-pressure cleaning will blast away weeds, dirt, and debris. Leaving it looking like new.

Even if you don’t have any pressing need to clean your driveway, path or patio.

We recommend you arrange regular high-pressure water jetting. As it will both improve the appearance of the material. As well as ensuring a longer lifespan.

Don’t wait until your path is too dirty. Get in there first and keep it spotless!.

If you have any external areas that require cleaning. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a quote.

No matter the size of the problem. Our team will be able to deal with your cleaning needs quickly and efficiently.

Creating a spotless finish at no extra cost to the environment.

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