Our Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Drain Lining Work?

Over time, drains can get damaged. Damage can appear in the form of holes or the joints of the pipes loosening up or cracking within the pipes. If the drain pipes are not repaired in a timely manner, the leaks will wash away the supporting soil and the pipes can suffer further, irreparable, damage.

What are CCTV drain surveys?

Blocked drains are problems that can often be as frustrating as they are problematic. There are a number of things that could go wrong with blocked drain pipes. Debris can build up or invasive tree roots can creep into the pipes through joints and fractures. Luckily, due to the recent advancements in the plumbing industries, it is now possible to identify the cause of such problems using CCTV drain survey technology.

Need Efficient Water Main Installations?

Ensuring that the water lines in your property are in the best condition possible should be among your top priorities. A professional water engineering company like ours can help you with all your water and water pipe related issues.

Do You Have a Leak?

Detecting a leak in your plumbing can be very tricky. That’s why you should always get in touch with a professional to detect and fix any problems you may have before it gets worse. We understand that some people want to be sure that they actually have a leak before they call in the pros. So get in touch today as we can talk you through what may be wrong before we come and inspect your potential leak.

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