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Lead Pipe Replacement | Water Pipe Replacement

UK water pipes laid before 1970 were often made of lead. If your property includes old lead pipes connecting the water main to your household taps, it’s wise to replace them.

We can supply and replace your old lead pipes with modern pipework to increase the water pressure and flow to your home. When replacing old pipes, we don’t dig an unsightly trench through your garden, driveway or patio.

Instead, we use trenchless technology (Moling) that saves time and money as there’s no large-scale excavation required.

We just dig two small pits about 1m ³ at the start and end of the tunnel with our moling machinery to bore through the soil. Using pneumatic power to create a smooth channel. The new water pipes can then be pulled through.

Lead Pipe Replacement

How to tell whether your water pipes are made of lead

Check your internal stop tap (often found under the sink). If the incoming pipe is not blue plastic, scratch the surface with a knife. However, If you see the shiny metal underneath, it’s lead.

If you don’t see shiny metal, your incoming pipe might be a safer iron or black polyethene which can become brittle over time.

Contact us if you’re based in Kent or the surrounding areas and would like us to check for you.

Health risks arising from lead in drinking water

Lead is a toxic metal that can affect the metabolism of calcium in bones and interfere with the central nervous system. It may also have an adverse impact on mental development. Especially youngsters and be a factor in behavioural problems.

Members of the family most at risk from ingesting lead include pregnant women and children up to the age of six.

In order to keep human exposure to a minimum, lead is now controlled worldwide in air, soil, food and water.

If you have lead pipes, it is possible that there may be traces of lead in your drinking water. Especially if you’re in a part of Kent with soft water.

If you’re in a hard water location, the limescale that forms inside the pipe helps to protect against the lead dissolving but may result in low water pressure.

Low water pressure arising from lead pipes

Old lead pipes tend to be narrow and may become furred up with limescale over the decades. Especially if you live in a hard water area. This reduces the pressure and flow inside your pipes. 

What’s more, old lead water pipes and fittings may leak. Which is just another reason to urgently replace your lead water pipes.

What’s included

Our lead pipe replacement service covers the pipes from the stop tap at the boundary of your property. Right up to the connection inside your house.

We do everything from the initial survey to completing the job and reinstating your water supply. We can also liaise with your water provider. To help replace any lead pipes that run from the boundary of your property to the water main.

Your new pipes will be less prone to splits and cracks and are guaranteed for 10 years.

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