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If you run a business that requires the public (or clients) to visit your workplace. The last thing you want is the appearance of graffiti to ruin the frontage of your buildings.

Not only does it make walls and other surfaces look untidy, but it can also be offensive. Depending on what the graffiti says it may also be intimidating. Alternatively, you could face putting customers off, before they’ve even entered your premises.

You may not realise it, but graffiti could be damaging the reputation of your business. Therefore, the success of your business. Even if the graffiti is just on a residential property, it can create an undesirable atmosphere, and could even attract other vandals to spray more graffiti onto the surface of the building.

It is therefore advisable to deal with graffiti of any type and size straight away. As well as offering trenchless solutions and pipe lining services. Moling Services South East Ltd also provide graffiti removal services, when you have stubborn paint which is hard to remove.

How do we carry out graffiti removal services? We use a method of high-pressure cleaning, with relies on high-pressure water jetting¬†to remove paint and other stains in an eco-friendly way – we don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents; all we need is the water.

Why choose us for your graffiti removal needs?. As experts in this field, we will be able to get rid of unwanted graffiti quickly and efficiently. Bringing all of our own equipment and saving you from investing in your own jet-washer. Which can be expensive and fiddly to use.

We can clean all kinds of surfaces from patios, driveways and external paths, to walls and buildings, on both domestic and commercial properties. Providing minimal disruption to you and the surrounding area.

We take particular care not to damage any nearby lawns, flowerbeds, garden ornaments or anything else in the vicinity.

We offer our service at low cost, and can answer any of your questions prior to the cleaning should you have a large amount of graffiti or particularly stubborn paint.

All of our equipment is of the best quality, and out specialists will be able to remove your graffiti no matter what the size or type.

Here at Moling Services South East Ltd, we have completed graffiti removal services for various businesses and organisations. Including schools and universities to pubs, restaurants, local councils and the National Trust. 

If you run a Kent-based business that is suffering due to unsightly graffiti on building facades.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you remove the graffiti, and in turn, remove your problems.

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